My Story

Hello, my name is Kimberley.

I have an insatiable passion for wellness and I love cooking with whole plant foods. I truly believe the foundation of health is nutrition and over the past 9 years, I have changed my lifestyle and diet to help me recover from illness.

Growing up I saw the devastating effects poor nutrition had on those around me and eventually on myself. I was inspired to learn more in an effort to improve my standard of living. I began to investigate how my lifestyle and diet were contributing to my poor health by embarking on a wellness journey. What I discovered led me to a change in my career and motivated me to attain a qualification in personal training. What I came to understand is that exercise, although very important, is only one part of the solution. Nutrition is the key to optimal health.

Newly inspired by this revelation, I was compelled to learn more. I completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine.

I now combine my knowledge of nutritional medicine, experience in personal training and love of cooking whole plant foods to motivate and guide people suffering from ill health, helping them to implement the changes necessary to begin their own healing journey.

My philosophy about health and wellbeing is based on living as naturally as possible. Most importantly, tapping into the healing energy of organic whole plant foods as a source of medicine as well as nourishment.

Eating a whole food plant-based diet was one of the main reasons for my full recovery and embued me with a passion for sharing my knowledge, recipes and love of cooking with others. The satisfaction and joy I feel when preparing a nourishing meal from locally sourced produce are amazing! It feeds my soul as well as my body. I believe cooking and eating healthy food can be satisfying, enjoyable, affordable and sustainable.

Kimberley Clinton

Clinical Nutritionist


Member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association

“I have seen how even small diet and lifestyle changes, implemented over time can provide significant change to overall health”

Kimberly Clinton

Clinical Nutritionist