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Solstice Nutrition’s mission is to help people experiencing health difficulties understand how their lifestyle and diet are impacting their health. We empower you with the strategies to enact positive change, motivating you to eat better, move more and practice stress reduction.

If you would like a greater understanding of how your lifestyle and diet may be contributing to your lack of vitality, to explore your unique health challenges and implement ways to take back control of your wellbeing and feel better, follow the link to book an initial appointment now.

``I truly believe the key to optimal health is a commitment to good balanced nutrition. When you prioritise nutrition the body takes care of itself.``

Kimberley Clinton

Clinical Nutritionist

Results that Solstice Nutrition clients can expect

Sustained weight loss
Increased mental wellbeing
Enhanced sense of taste
Better sleep
Increased energy levels
Improved skin condition
Healthier relationship with food
Higher athletic performance

Real people. Real results.

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Healthy living, one step at a time

Solstice Nutrition offers one on one client consultations to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. I will endeavour to get to the root cause of your symptoms and unlock your body’s natural ability to start the healing process.
Whether you need high quality therapeutic nutritional supplements, strategies for stress reduction, personalised meal plans, food prescription, education, food swaps, or exercise ideas I will work with you to design a realistic treatment plan that will help to gradually bring your body back to balance.
I do not offer ‘quick fixes’. The personalised plan aims to help you feel considerably better over time and can be implemented alongside any other treatment you may be receiving to enhance healing or help alleviate side effects from necessary pharmaceuticals.

Body Composition & Nutrition Assessment
Let’s see where you’re at
Initial Nutrition Consultation
Your personalised journey begins
Standard Nutrition Consultation
Let’s keep on track
7 Day Personalised Meal Plan
From trolley to table

Body Composition & Nutrition Assessment

Let’s see where you’re at
  • Perfect for clients who want to improve their nutrition
  • A great way to motivate and inspire change
  • Gain an understanding about more of your health than just your weight

A 30-minute appointment to test body composition and discuss your current diet and lifestyle.

You will receive a body composition report with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

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Initial Nutrition Consultation

Your personalised journey begins
  • Essential for people with existing health conditions
  • Provides an opportunity to discuss any problems in detail
  • Discover the underlying blocks to health

A 60-minute appointment where we will discuss medical and family history, current diet and lifestyle and current presenting symptoms. May include body composition testing, blood pressure testing and/or relevant examinations.

You will receive a comprehensive treatment plan with recommendations and recipe collection as well as a body composition report.

Please note: meal plans are an extra charge.

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Standard Nutrition Consultation

Let’s keep on track
  • Vital to staying motivated on your health journey
  • Necessary to monitor any symptoms and review supplementation
  • Provides the opportunity to measure and track your progress

A 45-minute appointment to discuss your treatment plan in detail, diet and lifestyle change progress, review supplementation, ongoing and new symptoms. May include re-testing of body composition and blood pressure.

You will receive an updated treatment plan with ongoing and new/revised recommendations, a new recipe collection and an updated body composition report.

Please note: meal plans are an extra charge.

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7 Day Personalised Meal Plan

From trolley to table, everything you need to support long term results
  • Highly nutritious and delicious meals
  • Important for busy clients who thrive on organisation
  • Plans can be tailored to suit specific dietary requirements

A personalised 7-day meal plan, created to your specific requirements to suit your individual needs. Includes everything you need to stay on track, with shopping lists and recipes.

Please note: meal plans are only available to existing clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to give up coffee and alcohol?
This is probably the most common question and the answer is no, but you may have to reduce your intake to improve your health.
Help! I find it difficult to meditate.
Calming the nervous system promotes healing, so the object is to find an activity that does so. This doesn’t have to be meditation.
Will I have to exercise?
Achieving lasting results usually involves a commitment to daily movement, but there are many different ways to achieve this.
Will I have to go on a diet?
Not if you don’t want to! We can work on replacing some foods with healthier options which can still provide lasting results.

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